Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 641: Revised

Your brother dies
and the last of the electricity in his body
Will shoot its way through every cell in you bloodstream
send smoke signals to the parts of you that have forgotten the texture of his breath
Leaving you paralyzed, holding something heavy
Casket like

You pull yourself out of his grave
And you will find only the tracks of your mother’s departure
How her heels cracked the foundation of the earth
leaving the tectonic plates bare
you will hang on the edges

When the sky finally falls
It will not all come down at once
Nothing above you will shatter and break like you imagined
With a crack of thunder you will witness the blue fracture
And parts of the universe will fall over your body

Shaking it off and Letting go will be like watching the ice melt
And still there will be a space
Left full
And you will pray to be emptied
Of it all

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