Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 644: the strong parts, they're beautiful too

Dress me to willow in your wonder
To crater in your belly
To ocean in your fingertip
Turn the language ON ITS TOES
Wardsback then forward
Find me a home on the nape of your neck
Break me
Like beauty
Folded over your skin
Like promises
Like tomorrows
Like I’ve turned every part of you
Downside up
Outside in
Call me the sin you’ve kissed into dark closets
The secret you whispered into song
Im a woman you don’t know how to belong
Don’t know how to place
Traced the same skin to a different mold
Folding prophecy only into questions
We are the bent brothers of a lost generation
Because our bodies
Have forgotten the meaning of this sex
Love doesn’t seem to put the pieces back right
We are only the remains of houses
That were burnt by sorcerers in the night
Our miracle
Was the fact that we survived
Our miracle
Was the morning we lived to pray to
Our miracle
Was a smile we hid in the backs of our eyes
The muscle we forged from steel
Learned to make the beautiful parts hard
Like jawlines
Things that can break
But wont
Not today
There is too much at stake in this body
In this story
I’ve got a promise
That tastes like a secret under my skin
Wont you stay long enough to listen

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