Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 897: Preperation

the secret to not falling
is to forget what loneliness is
to refuse to remind yourself
of the evenings you spend
flinging memories into the ceiling
the mornings you are so overcome with emotion
you find a sandstorm under your eyeslids
begging to be freed
the secret to holding it
is to forget what love is
throw it all to the wind
so that when it is truly gone
when you are distance
air under your own wings
and silence
that you no longer remember the picture of perfect you found
somehow in the corner of her smile

the secret
under all this mess
is the behind all the ambition
and desire to progress
behind the smile of a lover who lives too far away
is that
no one
and nothing
can pull you far from this rock for long
eventually every magnet returns home in stones
their roots tangled under their toes
nose down
for the time
spent away

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