Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 907: kiss me

chest rise
chest fall
cover me here
with your skin
find me something warm to hold tight
like you hips
cracked agaisnt the small of my back
all i see is the memory of you
until i am turned

face to face
breath to breath
breaking these bodies
crushing them into dust
something small
to fill the air like vapor

my palm pressed agaisnt your wirst
weight holding you down
a kiss to keep the quiet
my lips to keep you warm
to your lips
your neck
your chest
your toso
moving under me
my body
falling down
being raised again
my heart falling over
being raised again

she says again
and i fall to her hips
remind myself to take my time
she will not be here long
so i will remind her what this love means to the calendars and clocks
how we can make it all stop
make it all freeze between our bodies
until we have to come up for air again

i think she remembers
i know she wouldn't dare forget

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