Friday, January 6, 2012

DAy 899: whisper

someone please
just teach me not to speak
i want to learn to wake to this morning
i have found myself barren
and i am so tired of letting so much of myself be lost
gone to the wind
on this voice
carried away
you are taking too much of me
put my voice down
stop amplifying everything
come here
and be quite with me
come here and settle
come here and let all of me that is dust and cracked be fractured away
come here and be slow moving
show me your lips can do more than i've seen
show me that you are worth at this troubleshow me that you
are not just a broken reflection of what i already am
severed down the middle
show me you can be silent
can sing in a wishper
can lay me to sleep
can do all of ythis
without taking so much
from me

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