Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 909: Case of You

these songs ring over and over in my mind
cases of you pouring out of me
even my skin cant hold you in
i tell myself
it is just the love
falling out
over flowing
making room for the rest
making room for your movement
in the shadow of my blue screen tv
in the middle of the night

the bitter of you
its taged to the under of my tongue
a taste that will not go away
i hold you there
the brush of a stranger you know you knew once
how it lingers
how you hold me somehow
touching this soul of mine

the parts of you pouring out of me now
are just the leftover promises
we didnt have time to make last night
i am trying to find the way to hold you here
in your constant coming and going
so much moving
so much leaving me
so much falling out
of me tonight

i am learning
to hold myself
upright in the motion
while i wait for your return

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