Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 910: Jan 17, 2893

i boy commented on a youtube video of mine saying
that the words didnt work back then
that they wouldnt work now
that we had to move on
tuck our faces forced forward
duck between the gaps
drive your legs forward into tomorrow
forget about what has happened

what he doenst understand of course
that words have worked before
for kings of ours who were smart enough to follow steadfast behind their oratory and belief
and that theres something to be said
about a poem
written in 2008
and how its become more than the words on the page
how its become a moment
a symbol
something simple to be passed between bodies
between mouths
there are teenage voices
learning to scream there one lines to the end
these words are more than the page
they are movement
and they are the most powerful
and tangible thing we have

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