Friday, August 13, 2010

396: Sent from my iPhone

I spent the better part of the morning looking for u between my sheets.
I could've swim that we were together last night,
u felt so close.
And I wanted you there.
Just skin,
heat and sweat.
The parts of u I cannot write In to my poetry.
The parts I haven't met.
Your lips.

Needless to say you were no where to be found
But my skins been shimmering lately.
A reminder of the beautiful parts of you that were launched Into my body during dream.
While u slept between my arms,
under my sheets.
Berthing only enough to remind me
that something so beautiful,
so spectacular is actually human.

I've Been
Waiting for the day to hold u again.
For another set of reminders of your stunning beauty.
Come back to me beautiful.
I miss u

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