Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 388: letter writing challenge day 7 (an ex love)

let me start by saying i do not know how to begin this
much like i didnt know how to end us
and yet i did somehow
but who i am to say i really had much of a choice after it all was settled
at our ankles
i'd be lying if i said i didnt miss you sometimes
but i try not to
im in love with someone else but it doesnt mean that you wont ever sweep through me like you used to
i still feel your shivers from here some mornings
when its windy
i pretend its just the weather
we both know its something else entirely

i've made this new vow
im going to try and stop using the word broken in poetry
but for some reason
its the only word that comes to mind right now
severed seems to clean
shattered to dramatic
but broken fits
like these puzzle pieces used to before they were soaked in tears
water logged and bandaged
when we tried to be more than these bodies
we imploded and split like adom bombs
leaving only death in our wake
you see
broken fits here
what else would?
we dont
at least not know
nothings right side up
and we are doing are best to live in fragments
piecing our stories into backboards
rebounding in all sorts of directions

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