Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 398: stars

In museums,
they put beautiful things in glass boxes;
in life, they put beautiful people thousands of miles apart.
We are victims of oceans,
and planes..
victims of the most alive things in this universe…
not much unlike the stars…
There are millions of miles of darkness between each star
and still they find a way to shine.
They find their way to each other.

I feel like the longest lasting shooting star.
That I’ve been trying for light-years to be closer to you.
im starting to wonder if stars can feel themselves burning out…
if it’s a rush until the end is near.

Because im burning,
hot and fast
and its invigorating,
and painful
and displacing
some days…

People are always afraid I’m going to burn out.
They don’t know that I already have.
They don’t know that I’ve been running on empty for years,
shooting myself to be a close to another star as possible so that I may be lit in their brilliance.

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