Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 387: Letter writing challenge day 6 (stranger)

10 Questions for a stranger (inspired by Raina Sun)

what is you name
what i mean to say is
which gods to you carry in your bones
how many times have you felt them creep themselves on to your skin
do you ever feel like onlookers are touching them
instead of you
does that make you feel more or less significant?

name 6 friends
id like to see how closely we are connected
and you look like the kinda person who believe in the stars
believes in 6 degrees
believes in the off chance that you could name someone i know
today feels like the right place
the right time for an ordinary miracle to occur.

how many times have you cried?
are there certain scars that are deeper than others
would you ever show them to a stranger
tell the story

do you still have your appendix
and tonsils?
do you feel free if they are gone
or do you identify with the useless organs that could easily kill you
do you like the danger that brings into your life
if they are gone
have you missed them?
or do you feel like a finely tuned machine
clear of all unnecessary imperfection

when was the last time you sang
really really loud
the kind of notes that your neighbor is too burnt out to love
the kinds that keeps your breathing til morning
did it remind you of the first time you flew in those wings
is there a reason why you havent done it since
are you one of those people who have been convinced that the impossible exist?
that there is no room for imagination

if you could only pick one thing in the world
what does your mothers voice remind you of
does it swim or fly
is it something attached to this earth
or is she more godly or demon like
how many times have you wished for a different one
how many times have you regretted that number for being too high?

show me all your tattoos and draw me the ones that arent yet set in ink on your skin
what storys have you found important enough to be permanent
which ones are a little more temporary then you had hoped

what kind of world do you believe you were born into

what is your favorite body part?
which extremity holds you strongest?
how many times have you feared losing it
or taken it for granted
have you forgiven yourself for being so human in these ways

will you be so bold to ask these questions to the next deserving stranger you encounter
would you pay it forward
you see,
i'd like to think you could believe in god and 6 degrees and the universe being connected
that these questions just might be the answer to closing our distance
we are all so immensely seperated these days but we have the opportunity to be so much more
and you look like the kind person who could make an ordinary miracle

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