Thursday, August 12, 2010

day 395: Man V. Machine

From the time I was born
I have understood man to have an inferiority complex to the machine
From terminator to irobot
Images flooding popular culture like riptides
It seems that mans greatest fear is its creation
In the power it may have to transform into something unexpected
Something that may speak for itself
So that we may one day become obsolete
Today, I understand the fear in creating- for what that creation may become
Or say
I’ve been trying to not write this poem for weeks
But somethings seem to wrestle their way through your veins
It feels like the stubborn tear that just wont fall
On a good day.
Today im writing my way back through my skin
That this colonial language may for once hold me up
But nothing
Not even a proper translation
Could lift the weight of these words from the page
Some things are just heavy that way

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