Sunday, August 22, 2010

405: santra cuz

You want my skin?
Take it
My fingertips
You can have it all I don’t need it anymore
My heart?
Will I get something in return this time other than just orgasm
You broke me with your kiss
Made me think theres be more
You were more
That I’d see you tomorrow
But then night
I was
You were gone
we don’t share anything but one night
so we’ll just spit poetry pretenting that we are speaking to eachother
and you may not be speaking to be but im definitely talking to you
so listen
keep your land mine lips away from me
there are toxic here
breaking me from inside out
outside in
I let you touch me
Because you asked nicely and I thought I could handle the pain of severing bodies in the morning
I am not just a peace of hot skin to sleep besind during cold winter nights

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