Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 597: silence

there is nothing silent about a family of 7 living in a house made for 4
nothing perfect
nothing clean
but we've all decided how beautiful disaster can be
strikes hard like tornadoes
leaves its memories behind like soot
but every storm has its settle
has its calm
ours was the 2 hours of breakfast we shared in the cocoon of mornings
how we drank in a language we'd share like history
build ourselves a safe space in the silence
with only enough room for 2
and we filled that kitchen with enough memories
to crack the crystal edges of this ocean into lightning
things that are remembered
like genealogies
how they are stuck at the back of your throat
like peanut butter
i hold parts of those conversations there
the things that made me human
makes me feel hollow
like i've been skinned and left for dead

you are 2 thousand miles of crystal blue ocean
and still
and i am
i am the California coast
silent and forgotten
im so close to the water i can almost feel it finding its way back into my veins
the thought is cold
i am shivvering here
waiting for you to make me come home
close the distance
share some silence
in the morning
just like we used to

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