Sunday, March 13, 2011

day 604: footsteps and promises

the last time we said goodbye
i promised to stop making plans further away than morning
to stop making promises to myself about happiness
those things
slip away too easy
like the hours between midnight and morning
go fast
before the taste of yesterday is even stale on your tongue
you find yourself awake against a new god
her dreams

i stoped everything
liked my day
in the tracks of all the places we had ever loves
and kept my heart closed
like a secret in the dark
learned to touch without love falling out of my pours

today i am backworked flipped into yesterdays
and last years
and all those places we made promises from that never kept
proclaiming this time is different
it sure feels that way
it feels scary
and tapped
and glued in all the right and wrong places
it feels dangerous
and yet
i've got more plans than i have tomorrow
more pomises then i have lips of pinkies to seal them with
you've turned me inside out
tsunami style
ripcage burnt into a million cranes
waiting for a wish to save the millennium with
these are the things i wake up to nowadays
and every goodbye
everytime you levae a room
a little part of my sanity goes with you
i tell myself i shouldn't make plans
but i fling bits of my lungs into your footsteps
promise to let you stand of my breath
promises to hold you there
until tomorrow
next year
whenever you say
thats enough beautiful
its time for bed

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