Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 601: fiction

the first thing they will tell you
is that the story isnt true
that will be the first, last and only lie of the evening
the honesty will have you writing your will by morning
find you an edge
that you can see thhrough
broken beaches found you resting on your morals
glass sand
lightninged into your spine
you are the miracle of time
but they will say
at the beginning of the evening
that they write for art
and no humans were harmed in the creation of this piece
for your enjoyment
make it easy
but the test dummies
are too dead to come back screaming
saying their lives were the ones tsunamied into hurricanes
found bent into the mold of your ribcage
made a beautiful love poem for you
scrawled nit in ink
was a afraid of the needle
washed it off the next day
didnt want anyone to see the truth
so we told it to them anyway in a way they couldn't believe
call me a fiction piece
i've swep the bodies under the carpet
they cant breathe
you'll see

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