Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 602: warning

in Hawaii
our tragedies
flood in on warnings
to the morning tide
geographically isolated and not partial to shifting plates
our disasters
only come in the wake of another's nighmare
1960 chile shakes itself awake
and hawaii finds itself crumbling under her whitewash spit of south americas broken come crashing into our sands
we put salt in the wound
kick her while she is down
2010 chile crumbles
buildings shift like ruble
tumble down the streets of poverty
find themselves cracked and caved into corners
Hawaii curls into her sirens
waits for the tide to recede and heads for the mountains
or the surf
finds itselfs praying to the disaster to stike no futher
thanks god for the time to be warned
today is no different
the world economies falls like the lip of a tsunami
japan curls back like silly puddy
and hawaii
hawaii is waking to the morning tide

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