Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 611: timebomb

learn to love me like a timebomb
for the moments we share
spare the clock on the wall
the countdown until goodbies
and see you laters
when those words are promises for tomorrow that we arent powerful enough to make
but we say them anyways
as much as we have tried
we cannot fit our hearts into the 13 inch computer screen we've spent summer savings on
so memory will have to be enough to get you through the night
through next week
these are the promises we make
to the darkness
thats hangs in ever inch of this world at some point
its over our bed
taunting our bodies with the cold
forcing us skins to keep eachother warm so that next fall
when the shivers come crawling back again
we can remember to miss something we once had and held like we'd never be able to let go
so home
we still slipped away
cuz the darkness above my bed
is the same
split over the rest of the pacific coast
looking for an imprint of your body that feels like home
in the seconds before i explode
i warned you of the ticking clock
how the fleeting breaths would feel cold before the burst
it wont hurt
by then
you'll be across the country
and i will have done my best
to soften the sound
hoping not to wake you

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