Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 616: evil

we have been killed in the weirdest of ways
strung about our grandparents homes
like game
like tomorrows feast
the beast of this city
but only beautiful behind bars
buried black bodies burned and tared
leave me for your tomorrow
sorrow slipped under my skin like a promise
you will find me stronger like sunrise
memory like birthright
everything about this body is dangerous
my voice
a demons kiss
forget the stories your mothers blood wrote on your skin
prophecy is just a lie we tell ourselves to let our bodies off the hook
let ourselves be less than our brilliant beautiful
there is no lie in the dead
only shame in our continued dying
our silence in the morning and evenins were we watched our children burn
like our fathers did
we have been killed in the weirdest of ways
first by the evil in those arounds us
by the evil in ourselves

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