Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 618: thunder

to the thunder under your breath at midnight
the way the wind's swept you into itself
called you a natural disaster to marvel at
the sound of you sends shivers in every part of this body
wakes me from slumber
sleep doesn't come easy in this atmosphere
but im almost always willing to let it leave
lay under the sine or your skin
kiss away the parts of you that terrify me
leave me like a child in the dark

you are the woman the sunset turns crimson for
the tsunami that swept through this body
promising either to stay
of leave every part of its barren
like the ocean
so many promises you havent made
some lay on the tip of your tongue
i've seen them scatter
some nights
i shatter myself in those moments
send bits of me flying in each direction
some mornings
i lay up wondering what this means
most nights
i fall asleep
singing to the rhythm of your hearbeat
without a clue

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