Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 600: father

when i think of the ocean
some nights
i think of it swallowing you alive
bending you over into the sunrise
i imagine
every bit of you gone
and silenced
and small
but the reflection of you
the one i see on the nights i am not looking into the ocean
is larger than life
larger than the sea
but everything can be lost
every person can be broken and gone
i know this
cuz i've hidden those feelings under my goosebumps
the ones that grow cold in te mornings when i miss home the most
i slice them open in the evenings that i have forgotten the christ in the tenor of your voice
and when i can
i will re-write the morse-code of your soul
until the morning forgets to sing to the moonlight
youll find me on the plant of the horizon
i will be the child screaming into infinity
imagining her father being swallowed by the sea
waiting for him to surface

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