Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 603: like the sky

you taught me to hold the sky
a hundred miles in each direction
to not let myself crumble beneath the broken laws of gravity
its just wax and promises the gods forgot to keep to themselves
reminded me that every itch of this spine is made of marble
of the heaviest bits of this earth
of the women whose secrets birthed the clay of our rip cages
so many things
you've taught me to hold onto like dreams
i through them like butterflies to the morning sky
to twilight
to darkness
and sunshine
the giving up
leaves me light on my feet
gives a special rhytm to this chest
to tis heart beat
there is nothing broken
for a moment
nothing crushed
nothing but wax and promises
cofee and kisses
mornings and evening
by your side
like a promise
to the sky
to stay

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