Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 257: Sun and Moon

she says
i don't write enough happy poems
worries that my insides are darker than this skin
these nights
i find myself re-sowing seeds of fear into heartbeat
trying to transcribe something more fitting to lull her to sleep
there is only blood and tears left at my feet
but i'm trying
beautiful, i promise
there's a silver lining coming in the distance
the horizon is starting to set itself on fire
and from here
it almost looks like a sunrise
some nights
i think we look like a sunrise too
and me

beautiful, we are like the solar system
keeping each other in orbit
the moon and the sun
learning to love the other in their absence
i've heard stories of the beauty of our kiss
turning day time
but during the darkness
im hoping you see
that the night of the horizon
doesn't reflect the core of the rising sun

all i'm trying to say is
there is a smile coming soon, beautiful
there are poems holding laughter
somewhere within me
just waiting to burst through my cement ribcage
so promise me
that you'll let the silver lining be enough until its time for apocalypse mornings
till the sun shines too bright that we cant do anything but wait for the moon to receive her
till its eclipse again
and we turn supernova within each other
just wait
just wait

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