Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 277: 3 weeks away from you

the ocean is taunting our static songs
i cannot smell the salt from here
my skin is dried
my heart is adjusting to the atmosphere
the horizon seems to be crying today in your absence
you are 3 hours behind me everyday
and yet most minutes i feel like i am following your breath
waiting for the sound of your chest rising at morning with the sun
there are three weeks that stand between us
and we walk towards each other in quicksand in the meantime
trying to hold our pride above the soil we find ourselves sinking into
somedays, i drop my body below the life line
my pride falls with me
in case that happens again soon
i want you to know
i love you much more than my self image
i'd rather hold u above this sullen earth than my heart
in many ways they are one in the same
the only difference is
my heart is always here
a constant reminder of how your absence aches

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