Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 281: freudian slip

i can freudian slip my way into love with you
and ill put my foot in my mouth everytime
you wont believe me
find me tearing my tongue out at the end of each sentance

we all do it, say things we shouldnt say but mean anyway.

just be happy that the things i shouldnt say are beautiful

but they still shake the earth

we are bouquets ripping the seems

tangled roots tearing at each others feet

hoping the other might close the gap soon

but these words dont shorten the distance

you are still an ocean away

and im still ashamed of what i said

only cuz you seemed to be too

the static is deceiving


i picture you in my dreams

telling me you are in love with me too

in the morning

its hard to tell the difference.

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