Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 264: sinking

hitting still water can be like sinking into cement
falling out of love
is like
still water
it breaks you
then you suffocate
then you cant remember why you jumped in the first place
it stings like you are gonna drown forever
and everyone standing at the edge of the pool
just watching
its like jumping when you know you wont make the spin
but you're still going to take the leap
like being young is about heartbreak
like you wanted this all along
like you have no one to blame but yourself
cuz everyone knows she too beautiful to be the reason its all gone
its like
thinking that you've been walking forward for years and then being told otherwise
like when up feels like its wrong
and you cant bring yourself to turn anywhere but back
all you want is to go back but you cant
cuz nothing feels the same
and everything in the world has changed
and its all supposed to be right
but you know its wrong
cuz you are drowning
and you cant breathe
or sleep
and it reminds you of every time you used to sink
so you know its not right
if everything is wrong
then maybe thats how its supposed to be

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