Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 275: the adventures we shared on my living room bed

there are mornings when the ocean isnt enough
those are the days i find you sleeping in my skin
or beside me
breathing heavy
almost at a snore
its amazing how i can lose myself in your heartbeat
or the movements that seem random enough to bring you closer to me in the middle of the darkness
i swear last night
you pulled at my body during dream
held me like you wanted me in your skin
and i wished i could hold myself there forever
like i wished i could pocket the skin shaking vibrations of the day before
but somethings are meant to slip through your grip
to keep you around
to keep you honest
and real
and committed
so tomorrow
during dream
maybe we'll both turn to each others still bodies
hold out our palms
and ask each other to trace the others life line
maybe then we will learn to hold each others bodies
like we hold our own skin

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