Thursday, April 22, 2010

day 274: Hali'a

my sister dances like the moon
she is the only light in a dark room
a monalisa smile
she hides behind her leotards
tells stories with her skin
she is more beautiful that i will ever learn to write her
she turns fourteen
and i turn old
turn into sisters who never there enough
not around
not that i could help her anywayswe've got nothing in common but blood
but timelines and lifelines
family branches that crack at the foundation
we got nothing but history
and pride
we've got nothing but the same smile
and unforgiving hair
and mother
we've got the same mother
the same temper
the same need to be more
desire to explore
we've got nothing but childhood memories
we've got everything but time
just days, i guess
no one can predict
she is forteen tomorrow
and i am growing old in the meantime
wondering where the years went
where the wild things went to hide
whether or not we can go back
whether or not i would actually wnat to go back
cuz i was mean then
and she was irritating
and im probably still mean
but she's the most beautiful girl i've ever called family
i'm sad i've missed so much
and rarely understood
we have nothing in common but blood
but surely thats a lot more than i ever thought it would.

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