Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 268:Happy belated Birthday Beautiful

i don't know what year she was born
there is no tomb stone to refer to
she is ocean
moving still
almost breathing
on the right days
you can see her in the white wash
yesterday was her birthday
and im sure
if i could have gotten myself to the ocean i would have felt her there
i greeted her in dream
trying to bring myself lucid
there are so many things i wish i ask
but some nights
or whoever is in charge at the time
makes things extra complicated
each time i see her i'm taking the back seat to my own vocal chords and body
just watching
and all i want to know
is her full birthday
but im too ashamed to admit that there are things about this woman
simply things
that i have forgotten
all i can remember is nov. 29, 1999
what a shame.

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