Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 272: a test

you have a way of making me lose track of time
like the sun and moon could melt into itself
and i wouldn't even notice the change in temperature
i am unsure of the safety in everything that pertains to you
but i know
that when we kissed for the first time my heart started racing like trained track stars
in circles
i am dizzy somedays
when i think about you
find myself upside down remembering your smell
the way you breathe heavy in bed before you sleep
how you nestle in my chest
you worry of the pain you might cause me, laying there, still
but all is beautiful here baby
there is no pain
call yourself bandage
cover my body with your hands
my lips with your kisses
there will be no pain
just healing
we can forgive each other's sins better than we could ever forgive our own
but maybe,
maybe the first step to letting go is holding each other up
maybe moving on is memorizing the braille in your moan
the texture in your breath
the taste of your sigh
maybe this was all just a test
that we finally passed

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