Wednesday, April 21, 2010

day 273: coming home

when she comes here
she grabs me like she trying to take a part of me with her when i leave
like shes trying to take me apart
so she knows how i'm built
so she can build me back up
thats how i dream her
i dream her screaming
my name over blues
our bodies pulsating at the frequency of distance
and time
neither are on our side most days
but today
we've got distance on time out and bodies that cant help but recoil into each other
so lets play memory blindfolded
with my hands tied behind my back
or we can play red rover slinging our skins into each other hoping to leave something behind and take something a long to remember
whisper sweet somethings into my chest
like my heart can hear you through the vibrations
hold me like i'm leaving
like you cant stand to let me go
but in the meantime
don't forget how to hold the pieces upright when i do
when distance is back on the horizon taunting our lips with promises that time holds above our heads like tomorrows
ill wait for you there
keep you eyes pacing the shoreline
so you can see me coming

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