Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 279: my first sestina

To the love i had that i never wished to set

I am afraid, during daybreak to have lost part of you in the darkness

That’s where we hold our love, hard, broken

During sunrise

Some mornings I pretend to forget the way you touched

As to pretend you were never here, that way, its easier to be whole

But The feeling only last as long as a breath

The sunset, falls like im short during the night on breath

That is where I find you. In between horizons, fighting the darkness

You lay among severed bodies taunting them with your heart whole

Everything but you in this world is ugly broken

But you, you are still golden, platinum as if un-touched

on the good days, you call yourself sunrise

There are women who close their eyes to you, sunrise

Afraid to lose their breath

Everyone wants to leave something behind without being left behind or touched

it is the only thing we share in this darkness

our fear to show our hearts broken

but here it takes too many lies to be whole

I don’t remember being whole

I was never that well put together, not like the sunrise

But what does it mean to be broken

If we somehow still have our breath

Maybe we are sitting in the wrong shade of darkness

Just waiting for something to touch

Do you remember the first ting you broke from a single touch

How you thought dying was the only way you’d never again be whole

Before you learned no to let the world speak to you in darkness

Remember you were born a sunrise

Your mother watched you grow from her own breath

There is something beautiful in you, even broken

I have heard a story of the broken

The ones everyone fears to touch

So they hide themselves in their breath

Pretending to be whole

your mother told me thats why she birthed the sunrise

It was the only way to break the darkness

I think that’s why we love the sunrise

Why it always takes our breath

Because we owe it so much from leading us away from the darkness

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