Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 809: where my mind goes when it wanders

our son would be born of oceans and heat waves
things that can be felt in their movement
he will carry our every fracture in his shoulder blades
ever secret in his clavicle
a collar bone built of promises and tomorrows
potential born into every breath
the parts of our getaways that seem too fleeting,
we will find them in the craters of his skin

he will have a smile for every time we made love
and we will recognize them
know each by name and date
by the way our body bent and curled into each other
there will be a star named in his honor for every morning he wakes crying for his mother
a moon for every morning we dont know which one he is reaching for
for the beauty in our own unknown
the darkness we will carry ourselves into willingly

he will have a softness about him
that can only be explained by having two women who couldnt love any harder if they tried
will fall asleep best to the sound of pens scratching against paper at midnight
the way you etch cursive promises into eternity
or the clank of a keyboard at dawn
the softness found in the release during sunrise
he will know the different between a love poem and psalm
just by the rhythm
will know our love better than i will ever be able to write
will know how it is released in lines
hammers sometimes

he will know your strength from the curves caught in your eyes
from the lines carved into your navel
the pain left behind in the potential
and mine
by the tear in every smile
the crack in my palms
and the callouses on my knuckles

he will have my fathers voice
and your fathers hands
your brothers laughter
and my brothers wonder

he will learn to love from the way we gaze into each others eyes
knowing that there is nothing more pure
nothing that cannot be found here
in his home
the one we made
when we cut the distance in half
and threw our fears to the wind

the first night we bring him home
he will sleep between our bodies
it will be the first time in years that anything
separates us
and it will be
the most beautiful kind of distance

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