Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 813: moving forward

i am worried i cannot carry myself into the future
with these words
they seem to fall too close to past
maybe my biggest peak has passed
and i'll always be the 18 year old you did poetry for obama
but never lived a life worthy of any other story
i realize this is not a problem
this is a 21 year old complaining about privileged
and worrying about potential and currents
rather than focusing on whats current

i just want to feel like i have something else in me
other than history
that i may actually have the ability to change the world
or at least witness it shatter
this is a broken promises turned to a question
knowing no poem with hold an answer
this is the back end of every performance
the moment i know it is ending
the smile on their faces with fade while they forget me
forget this
and i will again be left
at the foot of another strange bed
in a city i havent learned to find comfort in
watching abc
as the night turns to morning
waiting for my shuttle
to take me somewhere new

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