Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 829: when

when you find someone who loves you
holds you like you are the only way to be warm
like the only tomorrow is the singe of green behind your eyes
hold her like she is always leaving
because when she does
you will wish
you had built her a damn in the center of your chest
pray for those moments back
the mornings you awoke stuck to her skin
the kisses that dissected the day
the moments you sent prayers into her body with your lips

when someone loves you in a way that makes you stutter
makes you shake
covers half your body with goosebumps
loves you like answers
and promises
and stability
you will not look back any longer
you wipe out your hard drive
of all the memories you no longer need
keep only the ones that taught you how to be human
how to love back in a way that doesnt dissolve
that will stick to the back of her tongue like peanut butter and nutella
and promise her every morning will be a poem
every kiss a premonition
and that every tomorrow will be found in the distance behind her eyes

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