Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 817:

i've found a forest forged behind your eyes
its the kind of place
you find tomorrows frozen with the promises of yesterdays
so struck by twilight
makes me wonder if time exist there
or if maybe
i'm enchanted by the idea that we could be held still
in our own gravity
that we wouldnt have to measure our relationship in our cross continental movements
the vibrations my lips send to yours in Morse code over the ocean
or the words i fly to you through the Internet
there are so many ways we've learned to count our distance
measure our love
in promises
and the few secrets we've allowed to float to the surface
i wonder how many are left
keeping our anchors tangled
i am getting better at waiting
by the minute
each 60 seconds that passes is another check i can place on my side of the scale
keeps me balanced

but when the evening comes i am reminded
the tidal wave in my chest is far from fallen
that most mornings begin with a dam fracturing in the pit of my stomach
a minor chord stinging just scratching the surface
when i roll over to see there is nothing but land and oceans between our bodies
i remember the wave that could carry even the heaviest pieces of our story into promise
everything i have is trying to break its way into your body
to the forest behind your eyes
if you're wondering why it seems like im looking through you tonight
its because something about you has turned this storm into silence
and all im trying to do is build myself a home somewhere in the center of that forest

do not let the weight of this gaze scare you
and ill promise that every time i am startled by the depth of our distance
that i will remember the way you found a still summer in my chest
how your smile flattened the tides
made me feel almost solid
like i could be permanent
that you might
be the reason
i havent settled the seas
just yet

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