Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DAy 820: Heart

grandpas got a broken heart
it stutters in the heat
you can find him skipping a beat under paddles
someone yelling clear
someone close crying
i wonder what it has to do with my grandmother
and the shards of her he carries in the soles of his shoes
in the smile of his new wife
how he left clara behind
wonder how the walking away felt
how he can quote arguments for the sanctity of marriage
the way my grandmother had to wait years before leaving him
i wonder how it feels
to be a stutter
a reminder of mistakes made
wonder how often he thinks about her smile
or the way her back would bend
wonder if he even remembers

my grandfather╩╗s got a broken heart
a small stammer
stiched and sewn back together
i wonder how many times my grandmother would have liked to lay under the same currents
jolt herself back into breathing
how much better she was at hiding
being broken
and left behind

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