Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DAY 827: aint gonna be in my biography

She didn’t taste the way I expected
I thought any body would bend to fit mine
I was wrong
We spent 20 minutes too long thrwing poems into eacothers chest while we fumbled with our hands
My phone vibrating in my back pocket
Another voicemail
Another reminder that the woman bellow me wasn’t mine
And wouldn’t be worth it
I didn’t stop

I didn’t like the way her hands crinkled against the back of my neck
Felt like too much desert
Too much sand storm
Too much to be picked and scraped off when the night was over
I washed my hands packed my bag
And called my girlfriend
she was silent in her ignorance
I was
Something different
I was something distant
I was something, for sure

I worte poems for her on the plane ride home
About magnetism
And bodies
Lied myself into lust
Because the distance made it something more interesting
i was a coward
i said i was growing
you believed it
so i just kept moving

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