Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 822: Card Homes and Birdcages

there is a house of cards
built around my heart
i wonder if it fell
would we hear it crumble
would it stutter to the tip of my skin
make you tremble?

i guess what i really want to know is
when the small parts inside of me move
the gears that continue
do you feel the vibration
the parts of me that are begging to be let free to attach themselves somewhere sacred on your body
the last night i held you
could you feel every part of my breath trying to find a home under your skin
to build a birdcage of promises you wouldn't be able to release
or how the first morning you awoke in my arms how
the moisture that kept us tangled
tried to seep into you palms
in the story you have creased there
wanting to be a part of your day
something youʻd share with every person youʻd encounter

this house of cards was born to fall
like a castle built on the shore
there is too much water rising in me to keep things settled
even for my best interest
and iʻve have spent too many mornings trying to be the calm women want to marry
want held in the base of wrist
today i am a rising wave
a falling current
something trying to pull you away
can you feel the vibration at your ankles
the tremble at the base of your spine
trying to spin you into a forever that doesn't leave
feel me wrapping myself around you
as the deck collapses
13 hearts splattered face up
caught in my linoleum ribcage
a club and spade each
for every reminder
for every morning i woke up missing your texture
watch as the diamonds slip through the cracks
the shine of material things in life i thought i was supposed to want and have
and instead
here i am digging us a home in the sand
waiting for all the pieces and sharp edges to settle
hoping youʻll still be here
beside me
when they do
hoping that the hallow cavity drum in my chest
doesnt scare you away
but reminds you of a birdcage
one i hid in your spine
whilee i tried to give something broken
a new meaning
full of promises
a few that you may want to give to me
in return

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