Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 812: i wonder where the good poems went and when theyll come back

i wonder if the steel under your feet is rattling
the same way i feel these California plates quake in the moments i am most alone
whats the vibration feel like over middle America
does the altitude sting the same as this absence
like im being held hostage at 40 thousands feet
about to drop
or is the pressurized cabin
the artificial company
enough to make the difference in this distance
i want to cover myself in your promises
find which ones fit without having to stretch and bend
want to learn the way you trace your tongue across language
and your process from scribbling down the words that mean most to us both
i am having troubler writing about you
because i do not know how to do this justice
and im reminded that there is no shame in loving you off this page
that i do not need to write a perfect metaphor
or the perfect line to know
that when i wake up tomorrow and you arent here
it will be the worst kinda of way
to start my day

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