Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 818: revision

remember that silence
the one that fills the room like tear gas in your absence
the one i wrote about with clocks melted into sand
a sundyle bent into our wrists

remember the nights i tried to break time
strangle its father between my fingertips
burn every part of this distance with the gun powder promises in my palms
this is the reason i keep you awake into the morning
because i am afraid of being left alone in this darkness
afraid of the way you hold me hostage

theres a reason why you are the poem i rewrite every evening
after youʻve fallen into silence
its the same reason why i hope roll into consciousness early enough to beat you into the morning
praying to be the only one to shake the sleep from your spine
untangle you from your dreams
wishing that the few characters i send you through the night can make up for my failing limbs
we are in constant revision
and iʻve never been able to look at he same poem for this long without wanting to be rid of it
i have always asked for someone elseʻs perspective
but tonight i want every single one of my loved ones to stay silent
i will not allow them to ruin this
to encourage the doubt i already know how to grow alone
i am choosing faith
and you
and hoping by morning
you will understand what exactly is it i mean

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