Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 45: Scars

She's got scars on her arms like she don't care what anyone thinks of her

And shell hold u there

Breathe on you like trust

But only while she not thinking of past or future

Or family

Because If vines get twisted enough

Someone’s bound to get caught



And She's already shackled enough

She doesn't need any other reason to stay

That's not what's she's looking for

she reminds me of my ex girlfriend

once we were past girlfriends stages

and we were actually good for eachother

held eachother like support rather than sex

like we could care for each other while holding other hearts in our chest

but sometimes its hard being friends with beautiful women

you get caught wanting to be the one to fix them

and She's got those scars on her lips

And I swear

They shine like diamonds on clear Hawaiian nights


i just want to heal them

but They dance in her eyes like memories

Like past tears and events

Eye contacts vigilant

Graceful stories half hidden

Like let me help u by showing you what beautiful looks like

Look into my eyes

Her stories too honest

Makes me want to cry sometimes

Last night

I tried to taste the smile of a survivor from the inside out

Trace my way through the cuts of her grin

And the residue found on my hands and heart left me breathless

Like continued late night texts messages

Past 2am on weeknights

What's the pain feel like?

The shackles of history and new beginnings

Obligatory love

What's it's sting like

Does it hold u

Define you?

Someone loves you like sunrise


I promise

Someone loves you like birthdays everyday

And will hold you in arms more comforting than secure

Just wait, it's there, under those grins

Just keep smiling

Just keep walking forward…

…She's got scars in her tears like she don't care what anyone thinks

But in between her smiles

You can tell the scars

are lying.

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