Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 58: Priorities

there are some things more important than poetry
than workshops
and freewrites
and perfect metaphors and similes that taste like home
there are smiles
and last night
i spent 3 hours trying to reproduce yours in metaphor
and failed
your veins dont translate well to page

i will miss you when im gone
trace the scars we've accumulated together
while i grow
ill mark the notches on my body to simulate your growth

my sister is 6
last night i was afraid to forget her size so i took a picture with here and documented our towering difference
i wish i hadnt
because now,
in 3 months
i will not be able to ignore what i missed
3 inches
countless conversations
1 million hugs
2 million kisses
3 million laughs
5 million smiles
and too many tears
i will miss this

and i wish
one poem
could bring me home
keep me there and hold you when you need someone too
but i am no magician
just a wordsmith
and a loving sister
who doesnt want to miss too much

you know they tell me that
there is nothing more important than your education
and they will tell you too
but dont you DARE believe it
cuz though i may be 2500 miles away
i still know
you are much much more important.

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