Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 64: Checkers

i pulled 10 stitches from my heart last night
one for every time ive jumped into love
and one for every time i've been dropped
at midnight i realized
i'm letting beautiful minds control mine too quickly
and honesty is never comfortable
pinches like daggers
so we place names between our chests
make past experiences frontline in this mess
play chess
new prospects
play love like strategy
as if either of us have the ability to win anymore
and i dont want to just be another player
wandering around plaid and checkered hearts
rather have a gentle hand to hold
you cant love if you think too much
cant explore if you insist on remembering
so tonight
im whipping my slate clean
turn my checkers into a blackboard
you can have the chalk
write your own story.

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