Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 56: The way you listen

"the way you listen, i move..."

she writes her stories on napkins

edgy cafe and gauges

this is how i imagine her

she traces memories from table to wrist

this is where i listen

like dance

lead and follow conversations

i a moved to the vibrations of vocal chords throbbing on esophagus

sometimes i believe my heart is a drum

an inner ear tool making love between real and imagination

this is where my poetry swims



the way you breathe, i cry

droplet exhale

we are both the same

trying to make tomorrows out of yesterdays

and failing to make any of it matter

the way we want to

so we live as only actions

not to be remembered or repeated

call my life a mistake

but when i grow up

i want to be a memory

i want to be a smile

a breath on your lips

i want to be a dance

a tear

a movement

so that maybe you will listen

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