Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 68: for my father

money cannot buy happiness
or time
only containment
and im stuck somewhere between an empty wallet and an empty heart
trying to feed my material skin with something that might look like a smile
but all i've got are useless coper penny pigments
look at me
im 5 shades too dark to be worth anything
and 10 shades too light to be legit
my father's identity was challenge by the state of hawaii
they say a men of less than 50% quantum cant possibly fight the state on a court case involving thousands of acres left for the indigenous
they say my father isnt hawaiian
call him foreign
so what am i?
half my fathers pigments
shine through this skin
and his voice
sits in my chest
like a knight waiting to rise from the darkness and fight
my father and i,
we've got the same hands
pick strings like hearts
chant like prophecy
i'll stand in his shadow as long as i can
he is my hero
covers my face with his cape
lets me take the lead when i need to
and he
is more hawaiian than any full quantum man i know
in these islands
we've learn to count quantum like pennies,
see with our skin
but my father
holds this soil in his blood
its stories in his hearts
and its beauty is his eyes
and anyone else willing to scream for freedom
hold the indigenous in our voices
are carbon copied warriors
just waiting to strike
dont you dare even think about questioning us
or we'll turn these copper pigments too bullets
powder your guns with our heart
and the last thing you'll see before hell
will be our brown blood

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