Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 63: finding you

we scrape our tongues on sandpaper skin
searching for words that haven't fit in our mouths for months now
i love you doesn't feel like a burden just yet
because it doesn't feel at all
and we are just trying to find each other under our fingertips again

where are you?
i woke up this morning to your smile
but where are we
i know we are not broken
just severed
bearing too many tears
we outweigh our souls
and once they are tired of carrying our lying smiles
how much longer do we have until they depart as well

do you think our souls could still be making love
and our hearts just havent caught up yet?
like we might still have a chance
like we might still have these words hidden in our mouths

so tonight
will you promise to keep that space in your chest open
where your breath sits and holds me
give me time to keep searching
i just want a chance to find you

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