Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 60: run

Beautiful mess
Have u ever caught your own attention
Held your own heart
Stroked your own fearless feathers
Forget the rest
Tonight learn to hold yourself
lie like shackles if you have to
If the truth doesn't hold u than create your own
Someone has to hold you together, who said u couldn't try
Wrap lightpole fingertips round your heart
Hold it steady
Don't let your heart beat you
Be your own percussion
Learn to love yourself like nightwalks
Hold that avalanche in your voice
Let go of the earth quakes in your knees
The tsunami in your eyes
And those secrets
Kiss them with your demons
Embrace each like strength
Tonight be your own protectorate
Because I can't cradle u the way u want me to
And I can't save you how I want to
I am too caustic for progress and
You are the only future u can count on
The only one you have any say in
Direct your own direction
Like train conductors
Don't u ever look back
Beautiful, run
Leave the tears as your steam trail
Do not let memories hold u back
Just pick a direction and don't stop

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