Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 52: Darkness

Megan is the absence of light
and "when it is dark enough you can see the scars"
she is boogymen at midnight
drams of twilight
sleeps anxious on her toes
life's chaos,
there is death in her eyes
you would think her tear taste like caskets
but they dont
its more like broken cradles
stripped leather
she smells like highway boarder crossing runaways
tastes like bravery
but only the kind that follows fear

what if tomorrow she is tricked from that closet to run towards the freedom of clotheslines
is she strong enough to resist the binds of clothespins
to run away from the glow of shadowed alleys

you see megan is the absence of light
but she is not darkness
she has not decided
so she prys eyes open
confuses nightmares for memories
she might not ever really know the difference

megan is failure
the broken lie of shattered homes and support systems
this is not balance
megan is distance
the space between terror and joy
beauty and exquisite
life and destruction
she is decisions
ones she never made
but she will live with and dye by
megan is scars
she is the absence of light
but when it is dark enough you dont even notice the tears and scratches
all you can see is her heart.

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