Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 69: How appropriate that this ones for you

we grow up
holding lovers as trinkets in our pockets
tinker with hearts at playtime
but i have met the diamond
held her at night
smelt her tears on my cheeks
and she is no toy
no doll
she is beauty
she is her own dreams
and she is leaving
jet set in 10 months
we'll never see anniversaries
or 20th birthdays
never taste sour heartstrings
or hold each other at 3am
our love with learn to disintegrate softly
fade like background music
but i want to still hold her
feel her heartbeat at midnight
brush her hair with my breath
how do i change
i am not falling out of love
just learning how to love differently
and im trying to hold her
but im failing
my tears and cracked heart takes too much space in this bed we share
i want you closer
but i cant seem to pull you away from you dreams
so i learning to let go of my own
like landing gear
learning to let go
like take off
learning to cry quietly
so you can sleep
learning to be broken
in a way that you wont see

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